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About Us

For over 50 years, Bo’s Electric has been the local generator experts of South Florida. Committed to delivering the utmost customer satisfaction, we offer cutting-edge security and safety solutions at highly competitive prices. We install and maintain generators so that our customers always have the power they need.

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Licenced and Certified

A Variety of Services
What differentiates Bo’s Electric from others is our comprehensive range of services. From standby generators and generator monitoring to electrical services, propane, and natural gas, Bo’s assists many different types of needs.
Licensed and Insured
We ensure that all our employees are thoroughly trained in not only the technical aspects of the job but also customer service. We strive to provide seamless customer experiences based on transparency, discussing even the minutest aspects of a job with our customers, and we ensure that all permitting materials and final connections are included in the proposals.  
Affordable Prices
Customers of Bo’s Electric know that they can always count on us. In case of an emergency, our team is there to help them 24/7. We believe that our customers are our brand ambassadors. Instead of spending on flashy marketing campaigns, our focus has always been on delivering impeccable customer service.

Our Partners

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Our Mission

Due to the unpredictability of Hurricanes and the potential for frequent power losses, currently there is a huge push to install Automatic Whole Home Generators. We have been Generator Specialists for decades, and are proud to explain that 80% of our company’s business is in the Automatic Whole Home Generator industry.

Bo’s will seek to provide customers with a pleasant experience in all we do and will ultimately leave the customer with a peace of mind that in case of an emergency they are fully prepared.
Bo’s will seek to safeguard homes and business with advanced solutions in access control that will look out for the safety of family, friends, and associates.

Our Values

Each member of our team knows that customer needs come first. This customer-centric approach has been the main reason for our popularity for over half a century. By making sure that they have a pleasant experience, we always leave our customers with peace of mind.

Love People

We believe people have Innate Worth. Therefore, we share a Desire to Serve. We emphasize Honesty & Clarity and seek to Celebrate Wins.

Improving, Always

We believe in not just working hard, but also Working Smart. As we look to the future, we are Always Curious and are always comfortable Embracing Change.

Together We Win

We believe we are working as One Team. As such, we always Assume the Best in each other. And our day-to-day is marked by sincere Humility.

Execute With Excellence

We believe in Moving Fast, with bias to action. When it comes to our work, we Own It. We desire a high reputation, and therefore Quality Matters.

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We install and maintain it right, so you’re always in power