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It’s Preparation Time: Florida Hurricane Season 2023


If you live in Florida, hurricanes are not just a possibility, they’re an expected reality. With the Florida hurricane season 2023 looming, NOAA has hinted at the probability of increased activity due to record-breaking warm sea surface temperatures. With that in mind, Bo’s Electric is keen on ensuring that you know how to prepare for hurricane season in Florida.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida

There are practical steps you can take when preparing for a hurricane in Florida. Some efforts require planning that will serve you in the long term. Other actions are more immediate when you know a crisis will strike. Here’s how to prepare for hurricane season in Florida. 

Long-term Preparation

First, it’s essential to be proactive. Preparing for a hurricane in Florida requires careful planning.

Update Insurance Coverage

For the Florida hurricane season 2023, it’s imperative to ensure your insurance plan is comprehensive and up-to-date. Remember, many plans take 30 days to become active, so don’t wait until reports of a storm to get your details in order. Contact your insurance agent now to protect your assets.

Create a Hurricane Preparedness Kit

While we live in a digital world, it’s possible that digital access can go down in a storm. So, print paper copies of anything you will need to access in a storm – such as family phone numbers or addresses. You may also want a waterproof canister with important documents such as homeowner’s documentation, insurance policies, social security cards, and birth certificates are also key in preparing for a hurricane in Florida.

Stock up on supplies that may be essential if you shelter in place. In addition to a reserve of non-perishable food items, don’t forget eating utensils, a manual can opener, and gallons of water. For first-aid, stock up on bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, medications, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Build your kit to meet your personal needs. Consider what’s essential for your living requirements. Other vital items for your kit may include flashlights, a radio, batteries, personal hygiene products, a multipurpose tool, extra clothes/footwear, rain gear, and cash. And don’t forget entertainment items, such as board games or cards. 

Develop an Evacuation Plan

Often, your hurricane preparedness kit is great for on-the-go, too. So, next step, ensure you have a safe mode of transportation or a resource to help you make the evacuation. Within your evacuation plan, consider where you will go, what you will take, and who you need to communicate with.

Power Your Home

If a hurricane strikes, there’s a real possibility that you will lose power. Investing in a generator is a smart move for anyone considering how to prepare for hurricane season in Florida. A standby generator system uses an automatic transfer switch to restore power through the generator during a utility outage. Maintaining power means that many essential power elements in your home will continue running as usual – AC/heat, refrigerators, freezers, and even medical equipment, if needed. 

Short-term Preparation

As the Florida hurricane season 2023 approaches, be aware of the government’s recommendations when a tropical storm is on the horizon. Whether you’re advised to remain home or safely evacuate, when preparing for a hurricane in Florida you must take immediate steps to secure your property.

  • Close storm shutters or fit plywood over windows to minimize breaking glass and interior damage. 
  • Fortify doors and windows with caulk or head and foot bolts. Both options can help prevent indoor water damage and minimize the risk of collapse.
  • Secure roofs with hurricane straps or clips to counteract wind forces. To further protect the roof, clear it of leaves and branches. 
  • Make sure propane tanks are secured and turned off. In the aftermath of a hurricane, call a professional to inspect a propane system before resuming use. (Never use a propane tank or any power source in standing water.)
  • Clear areas surrounding the house of outdoor furniture, décor, toys, and anything else not secured. Items are likely to blow around in the storm and could cause damage. 
  • Trim trees or shrubs to minimize damage and reduce wind resistance. 

Once the area is secure, follow the directives of government officials. If you’re evacuating, follow your evacuation plan. If you’re sheltering in place, pull out that hurricane preparedness kit. To remain safely home, turn off your air conditioner, unplug small appliances, fill the bathtub with water for flushing and washing, and turn down the temps to freezers and refrigerators. Remember, storms can change quickly, so stay alert to updates in the government’s recommendations and prepare for an immediate exit if necessary. 

Your Partners in Preparation

Minimize the stress of preparing for a hurricane in Florida by building a working relationship with a trustworthy partner like Bo’s Electric. Experts from Bo’s can help secure your home before a hurricane, and they can be a first resource to restore your power when the storm passes.

Begin planning now to ensure you are covered for Florida hurricane season 2023. If you remain attentive to your local forecast and prepared for the storm, you’ll be in the best position to manage the effects of a tropical storm or hurricane.